Bachelor programmes - Your start into an international career

Business and creative industries have never been so diverse. The modern range of courses offered by the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences has the right degree programme for every talent. Discover the opportunities and your path to a dream career in the communications and creative industries, in the music and film business, in business or in the technology sector.

Film & Photography

Nothing is safe from your lens. Whether portraits, reports, editorials or advertising clips, your pictures and films must be seen and shown.

Hotel Management

You want to work where others go on holiday. The entertainment, recreation and leisure of other people should be part of your everyday work. You want to prove your love of foreign languages and your distinct management talent to the whole world.

Music & Sound

Music was your first love and you understand it in all its facets: songwriting and performance, recording and production, sound engineering and sound design. You want to produce catchy tunes and work with other artists or set films to music and work on digital sound designs.

User Experience Design & Technology

You want to develop viable technological solutions for the future. Your drive for innovation and your love of service design and technology will clear the way for you.