Short Course

Solar Summer Team-up!

  • Certificate

  • 1 Semester
  • Full time
  • Practical study
  • 3 ECTS
  • 710 € / Month
  • 2020 focus: PV-hybrid solutions, wind & bio energy

Become a solar energy expert! Extend your knowledge of photovoltaic systems and renewable energies, train your technical skills, and get in touch with the solar power industry.

  • English
  • anytime

Your course content What you will learn

During our Solar Summer Team-up! short course you will learn about the design and installation of photovoltaic on and off-grid systems, you increase your understanding of capacity-building in major solar markets and you get to expand your professional and personal network.

Apart from deepening your knowledge about solar energy and photovoltaic-hybrid systems you also gain more insights into wind and bio energy in extra workshops and visit industry-relevant trade fairs.

Split into 5 individual modules, the seminars will be carried out in several locations in Southern and Northern Germany (incl. the “Off-Grid Experts Workshop2020” conference and tradeshow in Augsburg / “WindEnergy Hamburg Expo 2020”) and at our university in Berlin. 

Module overview:

  • Module M1 at home:
    Online training preparation course (approx. 2 weeks, on-demand with its own certificate) with foundational information regarding societal tasks and challenges, fundamentals in technology (e.g. technical terminology, PV systems design) and business (marketing and sales, customer segments, financing, business modelling) | 10 October 2020 – €150 incl. tax
  • Module M2 in Berlin:
    Teaming-up, project talk, solar company visits, small specific and personal experts training I (4 course days) with briefings on concrete projects, business creation, system lay-out and design, professional marketing and sales organisation and industry Networking | 23 - 26 November 23-26, 2020 – €180 incl. tax
  • Module M3 in Berlin:
    GSAN International Wind Industry Training (GSAN-iWIT2020) (3.5 course days): intensive wind energy training with its own certificate, refer to extra programme description | 27 - 30 November 2020 – €280 incl. tax
  • Module M4 in Southern and Northern Germany:
    Participation in the “Off-Grid Experts Workshop” conference and tradeshow in Augsburg / “WindEnergy Hamburg Expo 2020” and projects site and PV-manufacture visits (4 course days): introduction to reputable solar and wind energy companies and partners, guidance, personal and project talks, business matchmaking and research, recreation | 1 - 6 December 2020 – €220 incl. tax
  • Module M5 in Berlin:
    Teaming-up, project talk, small specific and personal experts training II (3 course days): intensive training on the professional selection, configuration and installation of solar components, optimised system dimensioning, installation hands-on, agreements on concrete projects, professional marketing/sales and networking | 7 - 9 December 2020 – €170 incl. tax

Package Prices

  • Complete course fee (Modules M1-M5): €710 incl. tax | best value

Your career prospects Our innovative approach that pays off

Our hands-on solar training provides you with the relevant knowledge and skills to improve your career opportunities in photovoltaics and renewable energy business.

The content of the course is tailored to the participants' home countries and target markets and helps you in growing your professional and personal network.

Admission requirements Our requirements

If you...

  • have an engineering, business or commercial background
  • are a working professional employed in a solar company
  • are a freelancer in the solar industry
  • are an Engineering, Management or Renewable Energies student in your final years of study
  • a recent Engineering, Management or Renewable Energies graduate

...we invite you to join our Solar Summer Team Up! course.

Please provide the following with your application:

  • proof of proficient English language skills (at least B2/C1 level)
  • letter of motivation
  • curriculum vitae

Fees and Funding Your tuition fees

You can either book the whole training (Modules M1 - M5) or single modules:

  • Module M1: €150 incl. tax
  • Module M2: €180 incl. tax
  • Module M3: €280 incl. tax
  • Module M4: €220 incl. tax
  • Module M5: €170 incl. tax
  • Package Modules M1-M5: €710 incl. tax (on-campus participation)
  • Package Modules M1-M5: €426 incl. tax (online participation)

Apply now Application process and deadlines

We are happy to welcome you to our university. This is our application process:

  1. Please apply to join our Solar Summer Team-up! course by contacting the course coordinator Mr Matthias Raab | Email:; Phone: +49 162 8002010
  2. After submitting your documents to us, we will review them and invite you to an interview if you meet the criteria
  3. You transfer the course fees and apply for your visa (if relevant)
  4. You start the online preparation course
  5. You either continue online (online participation) or travel to Berlin to continue your training (on-campus participation)
  6. After finishing the training you receive a certificate and stay in contact thanks to our online follow-up activities

Your contact If you have any questions, our team is happy to help you