Information and updates about the coronavirus

Date: 8 January 2021

Dear students and others,

First of all, we wish you all the best for the new year and sincerely hope that you have had a good start into 2021 and are in good health!

As you know, the number of cases of infection is still very high in Germany.

What does this mean for Berlin universities from the point of view of the regulations from the Berlin Senate Chancellery?

The Berlin Senate Chancellery has communicated that there is to be no in-person teaching at the universities. Exceptions are made for cases where in-person examinations have already been planned, as well as for practical formats that are absolutely essential and cannot be carried out online. It will issue a press release about this by the beginning of next week at the latest.

What does this mean for the Berlin schools of SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences?


To make it easier to plan and to protect all members of the university, it has been decided that up to 19 February 2021 exams and courses will, as a rule, take place online. In authorised special cases, in-person examinations and in-person lectures are possible, taking into account hygiene rules.


Students will continue to be able make appointments with staff to borrow from the libraries and equipment from the media technology department. All other services can be reached by phone or by email. Students with urgent issues can make on-campus appointments. These regulations are also valid until 19 February 2021.

We wish you a successful year. If you have any questions, please contact the Executive Board (

Best regards,

Victoria Büsch & Thorsten Bagschik

PS: Find more general information here:

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I contact your study advisors in order to make an appointment?
    The study advisors at our schools are happy to guide you through our range of study programmes, the application process, admission requirements and financing options. Please find their contact details here.
  • Can I get a campus tour?
    Yes, you can visit our campus. Our study advisors will show you our campus during your individual consultation session. Please sign up via email or phone and cover your mouth and nose during the entire appointment.
  • Are there any other information sessions that you offer?
    Please find an overview of our current online and on-campus events here.
  • I am not sure whether I can get a student visa in time because of Covid-19 and/or whether I can enter Germany
    You can still apply online as we are adapting to the current situation. For example, you might start your studies online and continue them on-campus once you are in Germany.
  • Can I start or continue my studies if the situation is getting worse?
    Yes, thanks to our blended learning and study model (online classes + self study), you can start your courses online and you can already interact with your classmates. You will be able to study, exchange ideas and fully engage with your professors and fellow students in our virtual classrooms. You will also be able to hold presentations, work on practical projects or hand in essays and acquire credits through continuous assessment. We have successfully been offering this blended learning and study model since March 2020.
  • I am unable to take one of the usual English proficiency tests due to the current situation. Do you accept other (online) tests?
    If you cannot take one of the standard English proficiency tests due to COVID-19, we are currently also accepting the following online English tests: Duolingo Certificate | result needed: 95 Points; TOEFL Special Home Edition | result needed: 87 ibt; IELTS Indicator | result needed: 6.5 overall